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Project Description
A Opalis integration pack for manipulating scheduled tasks on windows systems.

Provides the following functionality
  • Create Scheduled Task
  • Delete Task
  • Add Daily Trigger
  • Add Monthly DOW Trigger
  • Add On Idle Trigger
  • Add On Logon Trigger
  • Add On System Start Trigger
  • Add Run Once Trigger
  • Add Weekly Trigger
  • Clear Task Triggers
  • Get Scheduled Tasks
  • Get Task Triggers
  • Kill Task
  • Run Scheduled Task
  • Set Task

This code runs as the user your Opalis Action Server is installed as. There is no 'configuration' (working against a com interface that doesn't accept passed credentials). With this in mind I am looking into how to add a 'security' tab to QIK based objects to allow this whole object to have a configurable user.

Other Integration Packs I have Authored

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